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Sustainable development policy


1. Scope of use

1.1 This Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") applies to National Strategic Assets Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as «NSA» JSC) and is a voluntarily adopted internal document that determines the company’s approach to sustainable development.

1.2 The document is adopted in order to increase the stability of the company in terms of awareness and taking into account not only financial and operational aspects, but also corporate management, social and environmental protection.

1.3 The main objectives of this Policy are:
1.3.1 Declaration of the strategic areas of development of «NSA» JSC, comparable with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (hereinafter referred to as the "SDGs").
1.3.2 Identification of key stakeholders and their expectations.
1.3.3 Further integration of sustainable development aspects into the company’s management system and the principles of responsible business conduct in daily activities.

2. Main principles of responsible management

synergy and human-centricity
Synergy and human-centricity
Empowering each other, inner unity, human development.
Integrity and ethics
Integrity and ethics
Polite and respectful attitude to each other and the business. Understanding of one’s contribution to the team work.
Transparency and information openness
Transparency and information openness
Honesty and investment attractiveness.
Highly qualified specialists, development of human resources, knowledge and implementation of best practices in business.
Consciousness and responsibility
Consciousness and responsibility
Self-awareness, perception of one’s role in a situation and responsibility of decision-making.
Principles of sustainable development and timeliness.

3. Strategic areas in terms of sustainable development

3.1 Strategic areas in terms of sustainable development are identified based on the analysis of the environmental and social impact of activities, evaluation of risks and opportunities, stakeholder interests, principles of responsible business conduct, as well as compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

3.2 «NSA» JSC identifies key areas that have a positive impact and create value for stakeholders.
SDG GOALS 8 and 16 NSA
3.2.1 Formation of the most effective structure for asset management, investments attraction, activities planning and interests protection.
SDG goals 4 and 17 NSA
3.2.2 Achieve a synergistic benefit between client companies through the exchange of competencies and mutual assistance.
3.2.3 Through the concept of sustainable development and ESG transformation:
SDG goals 9 and 12 NSA
(A) To improve the effectiveness of business processes.
SDG goals 6 and 15 NSA
(B) To cultivate environmental responsibility in a company.
SDG goals 8 and 9 NSA
(C) To improve labor productivity and employee engagement.
SDG goals 3 and 11 NSA
(D) To form the image of «NSA» JSC as a progressive, socially oriented company.
SDG goals 9 and 17 NSA
3.2.4 Develop and implement collaboration mechanisms between «NSA» JSC and the clients.
SDG goals 8 and 10 NSA
3.2.5 To reach a stable profit along with clients through the synergy and efficiency of ongoing business processes, where the main performance indicator is net profit.

4. Interaction with stakeholders

4.1 Stakeholder is a person or business who has certain expectations regarding the activities of «NSA» JSC.

4.2 In «NSA» JSC we identify following stakeholders:

5. Approval and control

5.1 This Policy is approved by the General Director of «NSA» JSC.

5.2 The Policy is subject to review for its relevance and compliance with applicable standards and practices as necessary, but at least once every three years.

6. Contacts

Requests related to the content and application of this Policy should be sent in any convenient form, including by phone or e-mail.
Contact details are posted on the official website of «NSA» JSC in the «Contacts» section.